Giving back the power to Creators
Create. RaiseMoney. GoLIVE!

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How It Works

Challenge Hero is a new crowdfunding platform which allows content creators to raise money for their LIVE content and secure their revenue before going live.



Create a new scheduled LIVE event by setting the amount of money you would like to raise


Raise Money

Challenge Hero's funding is all or nothing. Contributors will be charged for a pledge towards a challenge only if it reached its funding goal and challenge is completed



Only if you reached your goal, you broadcast LIVE at the scheduled time to the contributors ONLY


Easy to use

In just few clicks you can create a scheduled LIVE challenge

Only 5% Fees

Finally a LIVE platform that let you earn money from your content

Broadcast after you reached your goal

This way, creators always have the budget they scoped out before moving forward

Donation (Coming Soon)

We encourage donating a percentage to non-profits organizations and help people in needs

Maximize the value of your content

Earn money from your LIVE content prior to sharing it on different media

And it's super fun!

Join Live events around the world and enjoy watching dedicated content.


Challenge Hero allows you to get paid by creating dedicated LIVE content for your fans Make sure to provide them the best experience.

  • Be on time Being on time is a huge aspect of LIVE streaming in Challenge Hero. If your LIVE broadcast doesn't start on time, you will have only 1 minute grace before the challenge is cancelled and viewers will not be charged.
  • Ensure bandwidth availability. Know your network! Test your upload speed to ensure you have consistent upload bandwidth or your live stream may not be viewable by your audience. Connect your phone to the Wifi if that provides you a better bandwith.
  • Plan Ahead Keep thinking ahead and make sure you get to the location you will be filming early to check out the conditions/lighting/sound/distractions and plan accordingly
  • Adjust camera emplacement When getting the notification to start the Challenge, you got 60 seconds to adjust the camera to the best emplacement to let contibutors watch your LIVE broadcast
  • Battery life Make sure to have enough battery life when starting your LIVE streaming so your phone will not shut down in the middle of the broadcast