What is Challenge Hero?

Challenge Hero is the easiest way to broadcast a LIVE video from your phone and earn money from it -while only the users contributing to your goal will be one allowed to watch your LIVE broadcast

Are all broadcasts public?

By default, LIVE broadcasts are visible only to users who contributed to a Challenge. Challenges will be published on our “Finished” category and become public 24 hours after the LIVE broadcast is complete.

How can I find interesting content to contribute and watch it LIVE?

Navigate through the Explore Tab by clicking the Home Icon, at the bottom left of the app. Filter your relevant category by clicking the green filter button on the top right of the screen, and press “Done” In addition, you can filter the challenges by using the columns and find (New challenges, almost funded challenges, 100% donation challenges, challenges that are about to start, and finished challenges)

How do I find people on Challenge Hero?

While using the Search Tab (Search Icon at the bottom of the application, second icon from left), you will find a Search option on the top right of the screen.

How do I follow someone on Challenge Hero?

The “follow” option is currently not available but is currently under development and will be allowed soon.

What does the column “about to start” means?

Those are challenges that are already 100% funded and are about to start their LIVE broadcast in less than an hour. You can still contribute to those challenges and participate to the LIVE broadcast.

Which challenges arrives to the “finished” challenges?

Those are challenges that are completed. Completed Challenges will be published on our “Finished” category and become public 24 hours after the LIVE broadcast is complete.

What happen if a challenge is not 100% fund?

Users who contributed to it will get a full refund Challenge creator do not need to perform the LIVE challenge.

What happen if the LIVE broadcast challenge is not valid / creator is not performing challenge defined in description/ creator not arrive to LIVE broadcast?

Contributors will have an option to report the challenge. In case of high percentage of “Report”, the challenge will be reviewed by our internal team to decide the challenge reliability and a refund for the contributors.

How do I report an abusive/ inappropriate challenge?

In the Challenge page, there is an option to Report and describe the inappropriate challenge.

What happen to the video after the challenge is complete?

Completed Challenge will appear in the “finished” category 24 hours after the LIVE broadcast is complete.

How can I make sure the money is being donated to the non-profit organization I chose? (Coming Soon)

Challenge hero is working directly with non-profit organizations, transferring donated money on a weekly basis. Challenge creator will receive a confirmation email from the non-profit organization.

When will I receive a push notification?

Challenge created / “contributed to” was 100% funded 1 minute before created / contributed challenge start

How do I contact Challenge Hero Support?

Email [email protected]

Can I replay a broadcast after it finishes?

Broadcast challenges will be available in the “finished” category 24h after the LIVE broadcast is over.

What is the donation bar when creating a new challenge? (Coming Soon)

After setting a goal for your LIVE challenge, you have an option to donate a percentage of it to a non-profit organization and help people in needs. (Challenge Hero is encouraging to donate and increase awareness to help people in need however donation is only an option and is not obligatory, it can be disable by pressing the donation switch button)

How can I add a new non-profit organization? (Coming Soon)

Send an email to [email protected] with your request and our team will review your request.

How can I share a challenge?

In the Challenge Page, you will find an option to share it on FB or copy the link to share it

What does the emoji’s on video means

Emoji’s are our easy to represent the challenge category and details Funny - Disgusting - Food - Extreme - Music - Skills - Gaming - Kinky - Sport

What forms of payment can I use to make a pledge? ***

We are working with Paypal for easy and secure online mobile payments. To contribute paypal allow to use a credit card without creating a paypal account

How do I add a new credit card to my account?

Under your Profile click on Settings (top right corner), you will find “Add a payment method” option

How can I rank a user?

Challenge creators are being ranked by challenge contributors after the challenge is finished. Contributors can select 1 to 5 stars.

What does the stars next to Profile name means?

The stars are a calculation of ranked stars for past challenges and mostly represent the content quality of the user.


How can I create a new LIVE broadcast?

1. Once you have created an account, Press the “+” button to start a new LIVE challenge. The “+”icon is at the bottom center of the app.
2. Enter a title that describes your broadcast
3. Enter the minimum amount of money you are willing to earn to perform the LIVE challenge
4. Select an exact date and time for your LIVE broadcast
5. Choose up to 3 relevant Tags that describe your broadcast
6. Select a payment method to receive the money
7. Select the number of percentage you are willing to donate to a non-profit organization (Donation is only an option and is not obligatory, it can be disable by pressing the donation switch button) *if donation option is enabled, the minimum donation percentage is 10%
8. Select a non-profit organization to donate the selected percentage of your requested goal.
9. Add some additional description to your LIVE broadcast (optional)
10. Share on FB or Instagram to promote your LIVE broadcast and increase your chance to reach your goal.
11. Start a preview Video, explaining what you are willing to perform in your LIVE broadcast.
12. Your Challenge is now created and need to be 100% funded for you to perform the LIVE broadcast at the mentioned time (in section #4)

How do I delete my completed challenge?

You can find it under your Profile “My challenges”, select it and press on the e dots on top right, then select the remove challenge option.

Where can I find all my created challenges?

You can find them under the Profile Tab (icon is at the bottom right of the app) “My challenges”


Where can I find all my contributed challenges?

You can find them under the Profile Tab (icon is at the bottom right of the app) “Pledged challenges”

Do I get notified if a project I am backing succeeds?

Yes! We’ll send you a push notification when a challenge you’re funding achieve his goal

Is my pledge amount publicly displayed? ***

Yes, by default. The amount of your pledge and the reward selected are publicly displayed — If you desire to contribute anonymously, you need to select the contribute anonymously checkbox while contributing.

What happens when a challenge is overfunded?

Challenge creator is setting up a minimum goal to create a LIVE broadcast however if it is interesting enough, more users can contribute to the challenge in order to participate and watch the LIVE broadcast. Of course, the same percentage of donation is donated to the non-profit organization.

Who is responsible for fulfilling the promises of a LIVE challenge?

It's the project creator's responsibility to complete their challenge. Challenge Hero is not involved in the development of the challenges themselves.
Challenge Hero does not guarantee projects or investigate a creator's ability to complete their challenge. On Challenge Hero, contributors (you!) ultimately decide the validity and worthiness of a challenge by whether they decide to fund it.